Jack Russell
and Médiamétrie create
the first email barometer

At Jack Russell, we want to know what consumers truly think about the emails they receive from brands.

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Current data on email, such as the open rate and click through rate, are standard quantitative statistics generated by campaign management platforms, but they are not effective at measuring the spam effect.

2,000 consumers participated in a study that included 30 questions about their email habits. It evaluated several aspects: What piques their interest? What do they like seeing in an email? What are they willing to share with their network?


The barometer, created in collaboration with Médiamétrie's scientific teams, is used to evaluate the performance and relevance of email campaigns according to the same criteria as traditional media.


Started in 1985, Médiamétrie is a company that specializes in audience measurement and marketing studies for audiovisual and interactive media outlets in France. The company measures and analyzes public behaviour and media market and communication trends. It is most well-known for its brand Audimat, which has become a recognized household name.


How many marketing emails or newsletters do receive per day?

Overall, how many newsletters or marketing emails do you open?

Which industries send you the most marketing emails or newsletters?

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